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About Refracted

This is a blog about emotions. I will share whatever I randomly decide is worth sharing for the day, but it will always be presented in the context of the emotions behind the post. Emotions are grouped in colors by various charts you can find on the internet. Each post will be tagged by the color of the emotion.

It is my belief that there are not “good” or “bad” emotions, or even “positive” or “negative” emotions. It’s the reactions to the emotions that give such definition. I’ve been so excited before a weekend trip that it made me sick, and I ended up having to cancel the trip. I’ve also let anger fuel my actions to correct an injustice.

My emotions don’t define who I am, but they bring a lot of color into an otherwise¬†monochrome world.


* note: I did not create this chart, or the adorable little cat pictures. I’ve had it on my iPad so long I don’t even remember where it came from. If someday its creator doesn’t like it being here, I will be happy to remove it.


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