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The Sky is Happy Too

Yesterday was a day filled with Ecstacy (yellow), Joy (yellow), Delight (yellow), and every other happy based emotion there is. At 4:00pm yesterday the Taiwan Constitutional Court gave their ruling on a case that determined the status of same-sex marriage in Taiwan. Of 15 judges, 13 ruled in favor, one partially opposed and one opposed. Taiwan has become the first Asian country to legalize marriage equality.

On the bus ride to work, the tension in group chats was so high just before the announcement time. People who have fought so hard for their rights, for so very long, and all their supporters were on edge. By 4:15 the news was spreading like wildfire and my phone was blowing up with messages on group chats with happiness you could feel, even through symbols on a screen that make up words. So many describing all the tears of those around them from pure happiness and relief. All the tension from less than an hour before was washing it’s way through thousands of people.

Around 4:30 it began to rain, and I couldn’t help but just smile.


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