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Time to Play

I feel Amazement (teal) and Serenity (yellow). I am getting into this game more than I expected I would. As of now, I have just been granted the ability to choose a class. I went with mage so I can throw fire balls at things. I’m going to try to get my avatar as close to an 8-bit red mage as I can, but it doesn’t look like I have many options.

Either way, my overall life is starting to improve. I have not found the motivation to write as much as I wanted, but the general tidiness of my house and my eating habits have improved. That alone should start to improve my energy which will hopefully translate into the other things. But…. right now I have goals of leveling up so I can learn new skills, buying armor and weapons, and a few little pets I want.

The problem I face with any game is what to do when I have achieved my goals. I’m four levels away from having all the skills, it’s not too hard to get the best armor and weapon, and I’m close to having all the pets I want. It will be interesting to see if there is some kind of “end game” content or something I can do to keep me going. For now though, I’m happy to finally be a mage, and that some areas of my life are in fact developing better habits.

It felt kind of sad that little numbers that give a value called “experience” to a digital avatar is more motivating than my health and well being… but when I think about my students it actually makes sense. Ask a kid to read, they don’t want to. Tell them it’s important for their life and future… they don’t care. Even college students struggle to do homework because it’s a chore. Change reading into a game, and they can’t get enough of it. We spend our childhoods learning how to play, and then we grow up and stop.

Why did we stop playing? Why do we view work and studies as chores when they could be games? At what point did we suck all the fun out of life and convince ourselves it was okay because we are now “grown ups”. Maybe it’s time to stop “adulting” and start playing again.


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