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Endless Red Tape

Today I feel Disgust (purple) toward government agencies and their mountain of forms that need to be filled out to exist in this world. Forms that are so convoluted that without intimate knowledge of how they work, I feel doomed to failure…

And sure enough, I was greeted first thing this morning with a letter from the IRS that I have made mistakes in my taxes. Taxes that I don’t have to pay mind you, I just need to file twelve pages of forms so they know I still exist in a foreign country. I’m honestly not surprised. I’m not an accountant that charges almost $300 USD for safe completion. I am just a lowly peasant. But now I have my own case file and a government agency full of representatives to tell me what I need to do… that is if I can ever get through.

We are experiencing higher than normal call volumes right now. Did you know most questions can be answered on our website? You can even do most things there like pay your bill. If you still wish to speak with a representative, your call will be answered in the order it was received. We are currently closed. Office hours start at 7am and end at 6pm…

If you’re wondering, no there was not any kind of pause between sentences. Someone please tell me how on earth this works? If they are closed, then how are the experiencing higher than normal call volumes?

I did manage to get through to the federal loan services department regarding my student loans. I got some good news from them, but in order to make the good news into reality, I have a lot of paper work to fill out online. I was warned that once I complete it online, there will be a glitch in the website which will flag it as incomplete and therefore deny my claim. After that happens, I have another office I can call to complete the forms…

At least she warned me ahead of time that this error is guaranteed to happen?

I would just like to mention, that I also have to file Taiwanese taxes in the next few days. That process will consist of me going to the tax office, them using my ID to pull up the tax information provided to them directly from my employers, me answering a few questions, and then me walking out of the office with everything done. If I go in the early morning, chances are that I won’t even have to wait. The receipt for my records will be a single page.


One thought on “Endless Red Tape

  1. wow what a hassle. I hate government bureaucracy, hence why I am glad to be done drilling with the Navy. Sounds like Taiwan has a pretty awesome tax system if it is that simple. If only we here in the US could elect a leader that would actually slash and burn the current tax system and just make it more straightforward, but of course then would all the bureaucrats and accountants do..


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