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The Gamer

Today I felt Surprise (teal) when I took a personality test based on types of people who play video games, or rather what their main focus and drive is when playing games.

Bartel Taxonomy of Player Types

Four basic goals of players:
– Killer (they want the competition)
– Achiever (they need 100% completion)
– Socializer (they are in it to spend time with people)
– Explorer (they want to find out what makes everything tick)

Before searching for a test to take, I would have pegged myself as a social gamer, with a reasonable score in explorer. I would have put Achiever with a low score for 3rd, and last place with almost nothing into Killer. I assumed these would be my scores because I usually just play whatever game mode my friends are playing. I do like to explore and have knowledge. I tend to shy away from PvP, and never care about 100% completion. Also, my role is always support, so that should have meant I am more focused on the social aspect right? Then I started to take the test.

I had to be very careful to keep my answers honest, because I noticed that my answers were moving me away from what I had expected. However, I did manage to keep true to what I would actually do and want and here were my results:



93% Explorer

60% Killer

27% Socializer

20% Achiever





When it really comes down to it, there is something about being the support character on a team that rips another team to shreds. Epic battles are the most memorable moments.

So what kind of gamer are you? If you have the time, please use a little of your time to take the test yourself (LINK). It didn’t take me very long at all. Leave your results in the comments!


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