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Motivation & Habit

I feel Interest (orange) and Apprehension (dark green) toward Habitica.

This website was recently left for me in a comment by @Jeremey on one of my last posts (which was posted a long time ago… I haven’t done any personal writing in a long time). I’ve tried a website like this before, and it ended up being more work and sucking more time than actually doing the tasks I wanted to do. This one seems to have much… much less work involved. And it has a phone app, so I can deal with it on my bus commutes rather than other more productive times.

While the system seems much more developed than things I have tried before, I worry that I will need to party with people to actually fight monsters… which I don’t really know how to get, and the phone app seems limited on FAQ type information. We’ll see how long it keeps my interest and how much it helps, but here’s hoping! If it works, I just might become more active on this blog again…. I get gold for doing this, which I will need soon to have video game time.


One thought on “Motivation & Habit

  1. shoot me a message with your user id number which is found under settings– API. I will add you to my little party so you can join in the fun of quests and such. I think you will like it once you get going.


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