Home » Blue » February 26, 2017

February 26, 2017

Tonight I’m feeling Grief (blue).

My day was actually pretty good. Basically had a Skype Movie Date (not using skype, but hopefully the idea is clear). We watched Those People. It was better than I expected actually. Not my favorite movie ever, but it was worth a watch.

Just before going to sleep talked with my mom to catch up some since it has been a while. I get to tell her about how work is going, plans for the next month, and everything going on with her. The story I want to tell her most is about this great guy I’ve started spending time with. I want to tell her about going to IKEA and not finding anything, about clothes shopping, and even crazy night market adventures. All these things that are making me happy, I find being unable to share with my mom.

So here I sit. It’s 1:30am after being up far too late the night before. Sleep seems to elude me as my mind spins with thoughts… and really I just feel sad. I really hope tomorrow is another rainy day.


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