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Healthy Levels

Acceptance (light green) seems to fit my little research project today.

Getting back into my Enneagram thinking, I’m assessed my life right now based on how Type 2s act at different levels of mental health. Here’s the link to the Type 2 page so you can follow along. I’m reading under the “Levels of Development” part.

I can think of times I have experienced the lowest levels. Not quite personality disorders, but it was fairly destructive. I don’t think I’m there now, but I can think of times I’ve made it all the way up to level 2, especially with the forgiving and sincere parts…

If I am being honest with myself, I’d say right now I’m hovering around the 3rd level. There are a lot of times these days I want so bad to move down a few levels, but I’m trying very hard not to. It actually depends mostly on who I’m talking to and what level I want to be. Hopefully some day I can be sitting at level 1 no matter who I’m talking to.

Also, came across some of the biological, chemistry research behind personalities. An interesting TEDx Talk about it:



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