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February 22nd, 2017

Today I feel Admiration (light green).

I just watched the new episode of The Real O’Neals (link) on iTunes. Being a sitcom, of course this show exaggerates a lot of things, but some things are pretty spot on. In this week’s episode The Real Confirmation, the mother and one of the sons find each other up late because neither can sleep. Both are freaking out about something going on in their lives and the mother says, “Do you ever miss those times when we used to hide all our secrets and swallow all our feelings?”

But the fact is, their secrets are out and they aren’t the perfect Catholic family anymore. Yet, I would kill to have such a wonderfully dysfunctional family. The mother may not approve of her son being gay, or her daughter sometimes questioning the nature or even existence of God… but they are still her children through the whole thing. If anyone says anything against them, she comes out fangs bared because they are her children. And no matter what is happening, they can talk about everything with each other. They don’t hide their secrets or swallow their feelings anymore.

They don’t agree with each other most of the time. But they still love, support, and try to understand one another. What more could anyone ask for? Yes, it’s a TV show, yes it’s not a real family… but isn’t that the point of fair tales? To show us what we could be?


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