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February 21st, 2017

Today I feel Pensiveness (blue).

I’ve been watching yet another Taiwanese drama in an effort to have at least some exposure to the language in my daily life. Of course, as a romantic drama there are moments that things are not going well between the main characters. And of course it’s because of some dramatic reason that would only really exist in film. But, while these events are exaggerated, they really do show a side of reality.

People decide to hide parts of themselves, and event prevent the people close to them from walking beside them in life. This is almost always done because of fear (green). A fear of being hurt again, because letting people close to you means giving them the power to hurt you. I say again, because we don’t learn to hide parts of ourselves until those first times we feel hurt by someone.

I used to think people who trusted others too easily were naive. That people who were too open with others about their true selves just needed to grow up and stop acting like a child. Only a child who has never experienced suffering can act that way. Watching these silly dramas makes me feel a twinge of sadness, seeing people who could be so very happy if they would just be honest with each other. And I know many other people in real life who could be the same.

Yes, trusting other people is a risk. Yes, I will probably get hurt again at some point in my life. But, I’m tired of living in a tower, behind walls that few can ever find their way into. I think it’s time I grow up a little more and act like a naive child.


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