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February 14th, 2017

Today I felt Excitement (yellow).

I realized this morning as I was getting ready for a brunch date on Valentine’s Day that since the first date, I have seen this guy every day. Thinking about this made it a little difficult to feel insecure about if he likes me at all or not. Not to read too much into things, at the very least you don’t see someone every day for four days in a row if you don’t like them at least a little.

With my small pulse of confidence, I decided to buy a single rose. No packaging, no froufrou (yes this is a real word), just small and simple. I wandered into a nearby flower shop full of Valentine bouquets, and used my very broken Chinese.

Not knowing the word for rose, I said, “我要紅絲的花。” (I want a red flower)

She showed me a beautiful bouquet. “一個”(one) I then responded.

I was then shown single roses packaged in in some nice paper. I thought about getting one of these, but I’ve seen similar arrangements for other events like performances, graduations, and the like. I wanted something more clearly romantic, yet still just very simple. “我不要這個東西” (I don’t want this stuff) I added with some body language to show what that “stuff” was.

I then received a long stem rose, with no extra ornamentation. I still wasn’t completely happy, I wanted it smaller. Thankfully she asked me if I wanted it cut at all because I wasn’t sure how to say it, but I showed her were to cut it. It was only about the full length of my hand, small and elegant.

It was all worth it. That small simple rose brought a wonderful array of surprise (teal), and joy (yellow) to his face.


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