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February 11th, 2017

Today I feel Anticipation (orange).

I went to computer nerd heaven today. A four floor electronics market filled with small shops. Think Radio Shack on steroids. There I went around looking for deals on parts. Most places were prety much the same, so I got everyhing from one shop, which gave me a small discount. Also, I won’t have to put it together myself. They’re doing it for free. I can pick it up tomorrow!

This one can handle up to three monitors, so I’m going to work on having one downstairs. I’d be able to throw a movie or TV show down there when I’m cooking and cleaning. I also want to work on installing a nice sound system with small speakers all over the apartment. That way I can listen to music all over without needing to worry about making it too loud for the neighbors. If you are wondering about the third monitor, my room is already using two.

I won’t bore you all further with the rest of the new computer’s specs. If you can’t tell, my apartment is becoming the ultimate man cave. It’s very exciting and full of projects that will last me months.


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