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February 9th, 2017

Today I feel Amazement (teal).

I was on a field trip to 之山 (a mountain) that has a whole park devoted to teaching kids about ecology, wildlife, and some history. It’s my second time to this place as a school field trip. This time I saw where they rehabilitate birds. There, I saw these black and white magpies that really shocked me.

At first, they were black and white birds. In case you don’t know, black and white is my least favorite color combination. Combination of clothing is more boring to me than a tuxedo. Especially after seeing some wonderful birds that were almost head to toe blue, the black and white was so dull…

Then one of them turned around. On the back tips of its wings and its tale feathers were these wonderfully dark and iridescent colors. Deep blues, greens and even purples mixed together and would show differently as it moved through different angles in the light. Honestly, those hidden colors… that were just so deeply woven into the black feathers… made for some of the most beautiful feathers I’ve ever seen.

I should probably take this opportunity to think about what other things I judge by first impression… but my brain is way too tired after today. For now I will just enjoy the beauty, I can think about the deeper meanings in life later.


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