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February 7th, 2017

Today I feel Ecstasy (yellow)!

Sure it was a long day filled with angry and tired kids… but then I went to a group hang out thing which was amazing. It’s hard to explain why it was so amazing without a touch of story time:

Once upon a time, in college, I went to a department meeting for Chinese / East Asian Studies. At said meeting, there was a guy that I made eye contact with at some point, this might have happened twice in my college career, maybe we passed each other going to and from a shared professor’s office.

Fast forward to last year when I was interviewing for a new job. I went to a kindergarten. Had one of those moments where you look at someone, and you know you know them, and it takes you a moment to figure out from where. Then it hits. Another GVSU alumni.

We had the same professors, the same professor got us both a job around the same time with the same school in Taiwan (different branches). Oh, and did I mention we share a first name? I ended up not accepting that job, didn’t get a chance to exchange contact information. Figured that random, creepy, awesome encounter was just going to be a fun story.

Fast forward again to tonight. This guy walks in the door a few min after me, and it’s him. It was great to reminisce about old times at college, and I made his day when he found out I was “the guy with the cloak”… apparently I was a little famous on campus.

It was also great to talk with someone who is from the same… more conservative area, who is also gay (yes, the similarities increase). He made the comment that you it’s just a copy/paste moment… though I can’t help but think I’m the original since I’m older 😛

To anyone thinking this is starting to sound like some kind of fate driven romance, let me stop you right there. That just isn’t where this story is going. This time we finally exchanged contact info, so it looks like I have a new friend!


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