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January 31st, 2017

Today I feel Powerful (yellow).

For the second day in a row I have gotten a lot of things done around my apartment (yes I realize I forgot to post yesterday, sorry all). When I moved into this apartment, I had only managed to find places for things to be out of the way. Nothing was sorted or organized, and now that I have a break from work, I’m getting it all done.

Between these two days, I have sorted all my important documents from the pile that infested my closet. Put them with the pile of electronic odds and ends into drawers. Using some of those parts, I re-mounted my remote control light to the ceiling in my room. This gave me a source of light when my curtain is closed, and light that lets me actually see my closet.

I discovered yesterday that something was wrong with my washer/dryer unit. It washed things just fine, but it took over four hours of dry time to finally have dry clothes. Today I googled the owners manual for it (thank God there was an English version), and fixed it. The lovely machine is equipped with a filter for the water, which is hidden inside a strange hole, behind the bottom skirt of the machine that looks like a solid piece. I’m supposed to clean it out every twenty washes or so according to the guide… could they have made it any harder?

Water went everywhere because it was in fact very clogged. I threw in another load which included a towel and heavy socks to make sure it actually worked again, and it did. I also strung some wire through my vent between the two floors so I could install a fan later to help circulate air into a windowless room. I just need to wait for stores to open again to buy said fan.

Bit by bit this apartment is getting organized, finally moved into, and changed into a home that’s mine. This is down the road a ways, but one project I’m going to work on when I have the time and money is wiring a sound system through the whole apartment using as many parts (rather than a pre-made a system) as I can.


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