Home » Blue » January 24th, 2017

January 24th, 2017

Today I feel tension from two opposing emotions, Optimism (yellow and orange mixed) and Pensiveness (blue).

Today was a field trip to Zhishan 芝山 park. It’s a nice walk, that looks like it has more interesting things like temples to go see. I want to go back and see those. There is also an activity center with some DIY painting things that are pretty cheap. I want to go back and do some of that too. I’m sure it will ne fun and I feel kind of excited by the idea of going…

On the other side of that coin I don’t like going places and doing things like that alone. It would be more fun to go with someone, and that just won’t be an option for a while with hiw busy I am, a d how busy my friends are. 


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