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January 23rd, 2017

Today I feel Rage (red).

There are few things that upset me at work to a point where I struggle to not think about it while I’m at home. The plan was to have 9 students, 1 teacher, and 1 Chinese staff there to take pictures / if I really need help and ask for it… they will. What happened was 9 students, 2 teachers, and 2 Chinese staff all helping out. Great, more people to help right? Wrong. If there are so many people in the room working directly with students having problems, I assume they are controlling that kid. Especially when the other teacher starts to manage class behavior. Okay, that’s fine. Then I will focus on teaching the material and not worry about the behavior since there are three other people doing it already.

Then at the end of the day “You need to assert yourself more in the class and control them.” …. really? I do? Then why the hell are you doing it? What is the point of you being there then? If you are going to invade my class and start doing stuff, without telling me before hand other than “We’re here to help.”… then you better not tell me later I wasn’t doing enough. Why the hell should I do something you’re already doing for me?

I’ve got a kid who throws a fit and tries to attack other students with big box because he lost a game (P.S. he won two games just before that), then when I stop him from doing that hides under a table and cries to the point there is a puddle on the floor from his tears and drool. And then throws another fit when he finds out he can’t play anymore because no one can be his partner.

So that’s the kinds of students I’m dealing with. To then later here that one of the company owners is watching every moment of the first day of this special camp day on the video cameras and will be criticizing the teachers if a student stands up from their chair instead of being perfect angles at all times… HELL NO.

This all better just be day one wrinkles that need to iron out… if the whole two weeks is like this, I’m done.


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