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January 12, 2017

Today I feel Vigilance (orange).

I got a call today from a school I interviewed with not too long ago. They asked if I was still available and looking for work. I told them I had an offer on the table, and need to make a decision by this Saturday. They immediately asked if I could interview at a different branch tomorrow before making that decision.

I’ve been thinking through all the different ways to look at it. I really think it will be okay for me to stay where I am. They have been working hard to find more hours and things for me to do so they can keep me. Also, I have a lot more room to grow and more things to challenge me where I am now. These two things alone make a really strong case to stay.

There are a dozen smaller things that don’t matter as much, but overall my current job wins even in the small stuff… The biggest thing this new position gives me is more immediate stability. There is still some risk to stay where I am.

I’ve lived this long with that risk, and even if things don’t turn out on the off chance… I will still have time to find another job. My instincts tell me to stay, but I have definitely been on guard inside as I made this decision.

Life moves forward.


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