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January 11th, 2017

Overall today I felt Annoyance (red), but at the very end of the day felt Serenity (yellow).

Subway not having the things you want is annoying.
The bank being full of people when you only have a short lunch break is annoying.
Paperwork is annoying.
Taiwanese parents are annoying.
Highly emotional kids who throw a small fit because someone else in the class is doing better than they are is annoying.
Not having keys to accidentally locked classroom doors is annoying.
Buses that don’t stop at bus stops are annoying.
Novels written by armature drooling fan girls and are so far from reality it’s not even a “fairy tale” anymore because the characters are so fake… are annoying.
Opening your mail box to see bills is annoying.

Walking into the beef noodle shop, and having the cute guy tell me I don’t need to write down my order, he knows it already…. makes the day a lot better. I’m not living in a silly romance novel, so I know there’s nothing there… but doesn’t change the facts. He is cute. He knows my exact order.


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