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January 5th, 2017

Today I feel Proud (yellow and teal mix).

It took me some time to assign a color to this emotion. It appears on another chart under a base emotion listed as “powerful”. Through a few different charts, I traced the emotions of that category back to the chart I’m using for this blog… and finally decided to make it a mix between yellow and teal. Mostly because my sense of pride and accomplishment comes from unexpected things that happened today.

This morning I talked to a friend and fellow traveler in Asia (though she went the Japanese route), and we got to talking about class design things. Since this is what I’ve been focused on the last few months, I was able to share some ideas she found helpful.

Today I also had an extra student in class for a trail lesson. The Chinese teacher told me later that the kid couldn’t stop begging his parents to let him come to this school because he really liked the teacher. The parent of a one on one student I have is also hoping to change it so they have more one on one time with me, rather than half one on one and half class with another teacher.

I’ve been feeling pretty down about my teaching ability recently. A week or two ago I did a demo lesson as part of a job search (which thankfully seems to no longer be needed), and the director didn’t seem very impressed (and I haven’t heard back from them). I try not to let those things get me down… and I know I can always improve… but today was a nice, surprise (teal) pick me up (yellow).


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