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January 2nd, 2017

Today I felt Annoyance (red), followed by Serenity (yellow), which turned to Annoyance (red), then was Joy (yellow) for a short while, shifted to Annoyance (red), and ended with Serenity (yellow)…

Not all roller coasters are great. Watching my day today was like watching a game of pong between the red and the yellow. But for this post, I’m only going to go through the hour before I walked in my door just now.

My time at work ended with a little taste of Annoyance (red) because I was getting out a lot later than I had expected considering it is a holiday today. It wouldn’t really matter that much except I’ve been needing a haircut very badly for a month now. I wanted to get to a hair salon before they closed.

When I got on the bus I started to read. I just started the sequel of a fantasy novel I read a few months ago. This caused a sense of Serenity (yellow), which was so deep that I missed my bus stop by about a kilometer (turning me back to my close red emotion friend). On the walk back I came across a Subway. The bread I got was the best bread I have ever gotten from a subway. You could see how perfect it was just looking at it, which prompted me to spend a little extra and order steak and cheese so as not to waste the rare moment. Eating that perked me right up to Joy (yellow)

Sure enough, by the time I got near my home and walked around, the six different hair salons I found within a two block area were all closing down. Feeling Annoyance creep back into my life, I walked into the last try for the evening. While they too were closing, the way they explained it to me very quickly using pure body language was amusing. Getting at least a little back into the yellow range, I decided to call it a night and come home.


2 thoughts on “January 2nd, 2017

  1. Despite the subjectivity expected when talking about perception or emotions, I’ve never expected that serenity could be yellow, not sure whether such a conflict is due to personal or cultural difference. Personally, yellow looks as inconsistent with serenity, if not more so, as red does with indifference.


    • Haha, I didn’t pick the colors on the chart. I have no idea why those colors were chosen. I’ve never pictured fear as being green, but that’s the chart.


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